Lanyards, Beads and Fobs
for your Everyday Carry

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Modern Day Netsuke for the Pocket Tool Fancier


Every day we use an assortment of items that we pack around with us in our pockets. Usually it's a pocket knife or a flashlight. Sometimes it's a compass,  tool or a memory card. Everyday carry fobs are a stylish and practical solution to extracting these items from our pockets or keeping them from disappearing into the depths of a bag.

These lanyard beads and fobs are handcrafted from sterling silver or nickel silver. Each is a carefully considered work of art, created by an excentric mind. Very excentric. Available in a range of sizes, these fobs ride the edge of your pocket and are attached to your carry by a sturdy cord. Tools and keys can be extracted and deployed without dancing and contorting to wriggle your fingers into tight spaces.

Hand made by Master Silversmiths, these are not mass produced in a third world sweat shop. These are made in America, by Americans who are proud of their work! EDCFobs can say a lot about you. Whether your EDCFob is a fireman's hat, sport fish, sailboat, monkey face, or a bunch of flowers, it can personalize and simplify the use of your tool of choice.

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